You don’t need to be pampered by your manager to do your job – Bullgod to artists

You don’t need to be pampered by your manager to do your job – Bullgod to artists

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Ghanaian showbiz pundit and artist manager, Bullgod, has criticized artists who require pampering from their managers before carrying out their responsibilities.

In a recent interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he expressed his dissatisfaction with artists seeking excessive pampering from their managers.

According to him, artists should not require constant convincing or pampering to fulfil their professional obligations.

He also emphasized that parents play a crucial role in shaping an artist’s discipline and work ethic.

Consequently, if an artist fails to meet expectations, their parents should be blamed instead of their managers.

“Parents are the first managers of artists, so if artists are messing up, they should blame their parents, not their managers because they didn’t get the right training, he said.

He lamented that artists should be self-motivated in their work, given that their profession is the means to their sustenance and livelihood, thus, artists who need to be constantly convinced and pampered to fulfil their responsibilities are fools.

“Does it make sense that, this is your profession and that someone should convince you to do your job? You are a fool to be pampered to do your job. Nobody should tell you to do your job as an artiste” he stated

He urged Ghanaians to cease attributing blame to managers since they are not responsible for artists’ lack of dedication.

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The showbiz pundit called for an apology from Ghanaian playwright and event organizer, Uncle Ebo Whyte, for his previous comment blaming the indiscipline on the part of some Ghanaian artists on the lack of proper managers.

“People should stop blaming managers because we haven’t done anything. Uncle Ebo should apologise to all artiste managers,” he concluded.





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