Why is football played with 11 players?

Why is football played with 11 players?


It is that latter question that we are looking to answer here. Though it’s unlikely that we will actually manage it. The simple truth is that many decisions were taken during football’s more formative years. That those responsible for didn’t feel it necessary to explain reasoning behind.

Instead we were left guessing, trying to figure it out for might well feel nowadays as though football has been around for forever. But in reality the sports is a relatively young one. That doesn’t mean that games which bear similarities to football haven’t been around for year’s.

Back to the point at hand,game of Calcio Fiorentino had 27 players on each side with no substitutions possible. 4 of the players will be Goalkeepers, 3 fullbacks, 5 halfbacks and 15 forwards. That looks very funny of which explains our understanding of the game during this period.

The game that we know as football now began become more formalized in the 19th century. Of which rule’s were put down. These rules had the regulation that there would be one Goalkeeper and their position will be fixed as well as 11 players on each side. This is the point of the story behind the reduction of the team size to 11 players. The decision to reduce the team size was as a result of the pitch size in order to make the game simple and nice.

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