Why are Barcelona players called the Cule’s

Why are Barcelona players called the Cule's



Every team has a nickname but where does it come from? We find out the origin the Catalans teams nickname.

To find out the origins of FC Barcelona teams nickname, we must go back in time, to the second decade of 20th century. In those days Barcelona played played their games situated in a road called Calle de la industria.

The catalans had more fans than their stadium. With a two tier stand could comfortably hold. Due to the over crowding some fans started sitting on the walls that surrounded the pitch. The first image that passers by had as they  neared the stadium was of the backsides of the fans sitting on the wall watching the game.

From that time onwards, the supporters of the Azulgranas came to be known as Catalans as Cullers or Cule’s in Castellano. Which means those that show their backsides.

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