Who invented football?

Who invented football?

The modern game of association football originated in the mid- nineteenth century by the efforts of the English football clubs. To standardized the varying sets of football rules in the formation of football Association (FA). In London, England in  1983 as well as  issuing of the laws of the game the same year.

The laws of the game were later trusted to international Football Association Board and then adopted by International  Association Football Federation ( FIFA). This set of rules drafted by the FA allowed clubs to play each other. And banned a number of contentious practices, notably both hacking and handling of the ball( except goalkeepers). Only during open play.

After the fifth meeting of the Association a schism emerged between the association football and the football played by the rules of the Rugby School. Which later became Rugby football.

Sheffield fc team 1857

Besides it’s dedicated competitions, football has been an Olympic sports since the second modern summer Olympics games. In Paris, France 1900.


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