Which Football Club has the highest fan base in the world?

Which Football Club has the highest fan base in the world?

Football is most certainly the sport that is watched and most widely played. People pay close attention to it and judge the performance of different teams and players base on it. Several variables affects which club should be kept first and last.

Here are few top teams who have consistently outperformed the competition the years. They have stellar playing reputation. These teams rising popularity may be a blessing or curse. Let now discuss these teams and they are;

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is shockingly at the top of the football teams with most supporters worldwide. Around 400 million supporters are thought to be dispersed worldwide. Fans from many spheres of life have been drawn to them by their illustrious past. Which features renowned players and spectacular situations.

Due to the clubs reputation for excellence, flair and ambitions. It has become a universal emblem of aspirations. Foster a sense of being a part of something bigger than oneself. Aside this team is another Spanish football club known to be FC Barcelona with 350 million global supporters. The club was established in 1899 and has amassed numerous national and international championships including five champions league.

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