What is the oddest football club in the world?

What is the oddest football club in the world?

The oddest football club traces their origins to the mid 19th century. A period when football evolved from being a casual pastime to organized mainstream sports. However, the identity of the oddest football club in the world is often disputed or claimed by several clubs. Across several codes of football.

The football club of Edinburgh is thought to be the earliest recorded football club in the world. With records going back to 1824. Football club of Edinburgh, Scotland is the first documented club dedicated to football. And the first to describe itself as football club. The only surviving club rules forbade tripping but allowing holding, pushing as well as picking of the ball.

Ø then expanded to the rest of the world of which has been a global assets. That most countries benefits from to develop their country or boost their economy. Increasing the standard of living of people in various could in the world.

The word football is seen as a powerful tool to bring unity or togetherness in the society or world. With this is not surprising to see ourselves as one people during major events or tournaments such as FIFA world cup, African cup of nations etc. Mostly during this events a serious injury of a player or opponent fan brings the game to an end. Or the game is stopped to treat the injured person before the game continues.

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This makes football removes recisms from the the world indirectly before we had pressure groups such as No room for recisms. That was started by English premier league of which happens to be the headquarters of football.

Although not all clubs have engaged themselves in this activity but all clubs seems to be in support indirectly. With messages that we are one people of which shouldn’t discriminate, whether you are Black or White.

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