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Water from Dam Spillage poses health risks to communities

Water from Dam Spillage poses health risks to communities

According to reports, the water from the Akosombo Dam Spillage has darkened and may expose surrounding communities to health risks.

The reports from experts on the spillage declared that the water was exposed to harmful substances as well as faecal matter (mostly from the damage of public toilets).


According to witnesses and members of the community, the water has bred a lot of mosquitoes which has increased the risk of disease outbreak in affected areas.

There have been several calls from health experts to the government to treat the issue as urgent as possible and not only offer relief items.

There have been a lot of donations from individuals, organizations, CSOs, and the Government in the past week in the form of relief items. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo also assured the communities that the government will do everything in its capacity to help the victims of the spillage.

In the past few days, the Richard Novati Hospital in Sogakope known to be among the prominent health centres in the town had to evacuate all patients from the hospitals and 250 dead bodies in its mortuary due to effects of the spillage. The gutters in the hospital were filled with stagnant water from the spillage, health workers had also been displaced in their various homes making it difficult for them to report to work and part of the hospital have been flooded. These patients and bodies have all been transferred to the various district hospitals.

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View of flooded Richard Novati
Aerial View of Richard Novati hospital

These incidents have posed challenges to the community as they do not have access to health facilities while facing the risk of being exposed to disease as a result of the still water.



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