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Watch Video: Mzbel’s 10-year-old son’s shocking comments about God.

Watch Video: Mzbel’s 10-year-old son’s shocking comments about God.

The 10-year-old son of legendary Ghanaian Songstress, Mzbel, Aaron Adepa, have made controversial comments about God. The outspoken son of Mzbel claimed that God does not exist in a podcast hosted by Okomfo Black.

When asked about who created him, Adepa replied that it was his mother who made him and “not God”. He also added that he does not recognize the existence of God in his life and that he recognizes only his mother.

He went further to label himself as a traditionalist who pours libation to his ancestors. He also claimed that he has never seen anyone become rich as a result of prayer.  The 10-eyear-old kid added that working hard is what one should depend on to acquire wealth.

On the issue of death and sin, Adepa believed people go anywhere they wish to go after death. He also questioned why God created sin if He knew it was bad for mankind.

Adepa expressed  belief in the fact that the world has been a social construct and things like the bible and God are all made up by man.

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These comments by the 10-year-old received mixed responses. Some people were shocked about the words that came from the mouth of the child. Others blamed Mzbel for the values the child has learnt at this tender age. A good number of people agreed with the child and were satisfied with his articulation and open mindedness as a child.

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