Three reasons why Arsenal is the best Team to win EPL title

Three reasons why Arsenal is the best Team to win EPL title

Arsenal football club has suffered for years without trophies as well as champions league slots. The current manager or management has been instrumental to joy all over Emirates.

However, not long ago we all experienced a serious shock in the English Premier League. Concerning the title race. Where Manchester city won for the fifth time since Pep Guardiola arrived at Etihad. The beginning of this year has been different with slow start as compared to previous seasons.Arsenal, the Gunners still remains the best candidate to win the this season.

Also, these are the reasons why will win the EPL title for the first time after decades ago.

✓ The strength and mentality of the players at the moment

✓ The players are always ready to die on the pitch.

✓ There’s unity, commitment among players as well as stuff.

✓ The Identity of Arsenal has changed for the first time making each and everyone feel at home.

All these are something you exhibit if you want to win the  EPL title. You just can’t take it for granted because you are a fan of other club. It’s always normal and accurate for people to come out with their own suggestions or observation on how the title race will be.

Also, taking the fact away becomes difficult because everyone wants to win or be crowned champions at the end of the season. Although we continue to wait to see what happens during the period but remember and never joke with Arsenal.

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