The main purpose of FIFA world cup’s

The main purpose of FIFA world cup's


FIFA world cup often simply called the world cup is an international association football competition between the senior men’s national teams. To improve the game of football constantly an promote it globally in the light of it’s unifying, educational , cultural and humanitarian values.

The umbrella of football unites the word and with the help of number of past and present football icons. FIFA always team up with a range of international partners and organizations to highlights causes such as anti- discrimination, sustainability and education during the tournament.

Football unites us and it’s unites in joy and United in passion and love. The FIFA president said  during the closing FIFA Executive Summit 2022 in Doha. The players who are living legends have united themselves for this FIFA campaign. Which is a forceful message. In a ground breaking move, FIFA and three united nations organization run separate campaigns during each round of matches at the tournament in Qatar.

This was part of FIFA’s commitment to use football’s influence to have a positive social impact. These campaigns have taken into account feedback received from the Member association who like, FIFA are committed to using the power of football. To effect positive change around the world.

Thanks to football’s global popularity. WHO’s partnership with FIFA provide a platform to promote health to bullions of people during the world cup sad WHO Director- General Dr. Tedros. Football is celebration of joy ,hope and health. And provides a unique platform to promote health.

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