Real Madrid Boss, Carlo Ancelotti calls for justice over Negreira case at Barcelona

Real Madrid Boss, Carlo Ancelotti calls for justice over Negreira case at Barcelona

Carlo Ancelotti is hoping justice will be served regarding the investigation that Barcelona has made payments to match officials. A former investigation has been opened up against Barcelona over alleged corruption. After it was revealed that they made payments to firms owned by former Vice president of Spanish football federation refereeing committee. Barcelona manager Xavi insists that his side were not given preferable treatment inspite of the payments. But his counterpart Ancelotti has concerns about the case of which is hoping that a solution can be reached.

Madrid manager ended his speech by delivering this message. He is very worried on the issue at hand like the entire football world about such a serious matter. I have lived in this world of football for 40 years of which when this type of issues happened it worries us all. I hope that justice can do it’s job and reach a solution.

The world of football doesn’t support an attitude that destroys the game. Primary objective of football is to bring happiness among various communities by promoting unity. After the second and first world war, there was no any other thing that will bring unity or peace in the world than football. Today as a result of football we love one another or we respect each and everyone in respective of your background or country. Football save the world.

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