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Mystery Presidential Candidate revealed

Mystery Presidential Candidate revealed


Mystery leader of the #TheNewForce, advertised on billboards in various streets of Accra has been unveiled. On a social media post, the man behind the mask revealed himself as Dr. Sam Ankrah. Dr. Ankrah is a chartered economist who aspires to liberate Ghana from economic hardships  in what he refers to as “Second Independence,”


“Time has come to rally behind a youth movement that seeks to champion transparency & accountability. “No Masked Promises” symbolizes the rejection of political facades & vows to bridge the gap between promises made & promises kept.Learn more about Dr Sam ANKRAH,” he wrote.
new force reveal
new force reveal


His revelation and declaration of his intention to become President of Ghana has left Ghanaians polarized. Ghanaians had suspected for days that the masked man was Freedom Jacob Caesar. Most Ghanaian netizens have disagreed with his strategy to market himself to Ghanaians as a Presidential Candidate with some describing it as an unnecessary stunt. Others were hopefu, Dr.Ankrah will be the third force in Ghanaian politics that Ghanaians have longed for. Others called his revelation very underwhelming.  However, a good number of people were curious to know more about Dr. Ankrah and his plans for Ghana as he aspires to become her president.

Dr. Ankrah is also set to launch his campaiagn as an Independent presidential candidate on Friday, November 25, 2023.

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