Mason Greenwood’s Possible return to Manchester United

The Manchester United Supporters Trust has launched a consultation process to gauge the views of its members on the possible return of Mason Greenwood.

>Manchester United supporters Trust has launched a consultation process on the views of its members on a possible return of their player Mason Greenwood

Female fans protest

Manchester United are yet to make their decision on the future of Greenwood, 21, but it is expected they will allow him to be reintegrated into the first-team squad following a six-month internal investigation.

Greenwood has been suspended since January 2022 following his arrest on suspicion of attempted rape and assault but all charges against him were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in February.

A group of United supporters protested against Greenwood’s return prior to their season opener with Wolves at Old Trafford and some sections of the match-going fanbase are thought to be uncomfortable with the prospect of him playing for the club again

In an email to 43,000 of its members, entails fans to submit their opinion on Greenwood using an online form, the results of which will be sent to United.

The group is planning a further submission to the club after their final decision on the player has been announced.

Mail Sport understands the outcome of the MUST survey will not be published.

It is also unclear how the findings will be used, although it is possible United could reverse their decision if feedback from various stakeholders – including sponsors and the women’s team – is overwhelmingly negative.

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‘We do not wish to lead members to submit any particular viewpoint, nor make anyone feel excluded, so it is entirely at your discretion to use (or not use) this opportunity to have your views presented to the club,’ MUST said.

‘We have notified the club that we will be conducting this process but we cannot offer any view on how the club will choose to utilise the feedback they receive.’

Mail Sport revealed last week that United’s decision to consult with their women’s team and sponsors was a clear indication that the club is about to end Greenwood’s 18-month suspension.

The fact that United are going to such lengths to explain the decision suggests that they are paving the way for the 21-year-old’s return instead of terminating his contract which runs until 2025.

In a statement on Wednesday, United denied a final decision had been made and insisted it is still the subject of ‘intensive internal deliberation’.

Mason Greenwood has  88 appearances for Manchester United , he has scored 22 goals,4 assists, created 9 big chances, has , 1733 passes and had 0.27 goals per match and tackled 48 times .




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