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Let my victory start at Agona Nkwanta; I will build an all-purpose market for you – Alan

Let my victory start at Agona Nkwanta; I will build an all-purpose market for you – Alan

Presidential Candidate for Movement for Change Alan John Kyeremanten has promised to build an ultra-modern and all-purpose market for traders and businesses at Agona Nkwanta in the Western Region.

Mr Kyeremanten took his campaign tour of the Western Region to Agona Nkwanta and became saddened by the spectacle that greeted him at the main market.

The Agona Nkwanta market is one of the busiest in the Region, where farmers along the Ahanta and Nzema stretch bring the bulk of their farm produce for onward distribution to other satellite markets, including those in Sekondi Takoradi.

Due to the numbers, some of the traders sell in the open.

Those with lockable stalls complained bitterly about constant bulging as the market is not well lit at night, a situation Mr Kyeremanten vowed “will change when you allow me to become your President”.

Speaking to the traders, Mr Kyeremanten said, “It is unconscionable to be trading in these heartbreaking conditions. I understand how industrious my sisters and mothers are and how you strive to care for the home. Therefore, it is imperative that you trade, in an atmosphere that is commensurate with your toils and sacrifices. I feel it. I am passionate about your welfare and, therefore, will change that.”

He asked the traders to take stock of the dominance of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the past three decades, whether that has been any good and insisted “nothing has changed” and urged them to vote for him to change the economic fortunes of the country.

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“If, after 32 years, we cannot solve problems in our markets, then you certainly need to change the direction. I am the perfect alternative, and I want Agona Nkwanta to be where my victory will begin. Let’s together make history, and I will do for you as I promise.”

Mr Kyeremanten is also familiar with the teething challenges traders face when assessing credit for their businesses and reinforced his promise of a bank purposely for traders.

“It will be your bank, and your financial needs will be their utmost priority.”

Reacting to the campaign promises of Mr Kyeremanten, some traders agreed that there is a need for the NPP and NDC dominance to cease and think Mr Kyeremanten and his party should be the new face of government.

“We are just tired of NPP and NDC. We need to try someone else. Allan has been around for a while now. His campaign promises go to the core of our survival and I think we should try him and see,” said one of the traders

Takoradi Kokompe

At the Takoradi light industrial area, otherwise known as Kokompe, Mr Kyeremanten sympathised with the artisans over the continuous escalation in import duties on spare parts and other vehicle accessories for their businesses.

“This is also because the management of the country’s finances has not been the best. When I become President, that will change and have an inherent cascading effect on everything, including your business which, needs utmost stability.

“I have already assured you of my commitment to remove import duties on spare parts after two years into my administration. It can be done, with the right economic measures.”

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The country is currently going through a torrid period where transport operators complain that the high cost of spare parts, is threatening to collapse their businesses.

In response, some drivers have increased their fares, prompting a tussle between them and the transport ministry.

Mr Kyeremanten stated that the cure “to this tussle over transport fares will be to remove the import duties on spare parts as I have promised to do”.

Some artisans questioned why the government finds it convenient and easy to extend millions of cedis in tax waivers to foreign companies and cannot do the same for indigenous companies to enable them to expand and grow.

“We will support anyone who prioritises our survival and desires that our business is sustainable and profitable. Alan has shown that commitment, and we will try him, after all, we now have enough evidence based on which we can compare the governments of NDC and NPP,” one of them said.

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