James Klutse Avedzi urges Government to punish lecturers who benefited from scholarships and refuse to render services to Ghana

Government should punish lectures on scholarship if they refuse to return their success to Ghanaian community,James Klutse Avedzi.


‘Lecturers On Government Scholarship Who Refuse To Return Should Be Punished’

James Klutse Avedzi is a Ghanaian politician and member of the Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana representing the Ketu North

Constituency in the Volta Region on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress and now the chairman of the public accounts committee.

Honorable James Klutse Avedzi, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee has lamented the rate at which lecturers at the various tertiary institutions who benefit from government scholarships refuse to return to serve the country after their studies.

“Those few recalcitrance who refuse to come back and serve should be dealt with severely because the intention of the programme is for people to study and come back and impact the acknowledge to our children so if they refuse to return that means government is losing,” he said.

He indicated that the issue has become a great concern and urged the government to act with immediate effect.

Some lectures has taken the opportunity for granted and they are not adhering to the main reason why they were given the opportunity or the scholarship. Ideally, it’s the responsibility of the lecturers on scholarship to return to the country and help students in various schools with their knowledge, skills and experience acquired through the scholarship program.

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Speaking to journalists at the Public Accounts Committee sitting in Tamale, the chairman of the committee, also talked about the increasing rate of lecturers at the tertiary institution who use fake certificates to gain employment.

we are told that EOCO is handling the issue so we will only urge EOCO to speed up with the issue if that person needs to be prosecuted they should go ahead and do it for people to learn from that,” he said.

Mr. Avedzi advised the various tertiary institutions to be cautious and ensure that background checks are done before they accept certificates of persons who apply to lecture in the institutions.

We should also do away with recruiting based on relations, partly because these are the issues that prevent them from doing the background checks to ensure that the certificate presented is genuine because when proper checks are done we will end up ensuring that people who are recruited are qualified to be employed, he added.

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