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I Want To Produce My Own Movies—Says Beatrice Adi Darko

I Want To Produce My Own Movies—Says Beatrice Adi Darko

Ghanaian actress Beatrice Adi Darko popularly known in the local movie industry as Ponzy, has revealed has plans of producing more local movies to educate and entertain her fans.
The beautiful and talented actress who has featured in a number of movies has reportedly been busy in shooting movies said “I have enjoyed acting and plans to shoot movie beyond Ghana and Africa”.
Beatrice Adi Darko who expressed the need for Ghanaian movie makers to lift up their game to rock with the best in the international scene, disclosed that she has started recruiting some selected movie personalities for the movie.
According to her, even though Ghana has a lot of potentials in movie making, industry players are not really taking advantage of it.
“I believe there are a lot of potentials here within the local movie industry, Ghana’s movie industry and some of the neighboring African countries doing movies. Unfortunately, the movies only stay within the African continent or stay in the households of Africans. It does not really cross over,” she said in an encounter with and a section of the local media.
She was optimistic that if only Ghanaian movie makers take their destiny into their own hands and change slightly, the quality of Ghanaian movies will not only cross over into Hollywood but will make an impact there.
According to her, Ghana must improve their stories and make them universal so that other people in other countries can relate to them.
Currently, she said a few bigwigs in Hollywood only hear about African movies but they don’t even pay attention to it.
She added “If we want to cross over into the international market, then we should be able do great stories. Don’t get me wrong,” she stressed.

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