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I now only produce for serious-minded artists – Ephraim

I now only produce for serious-minded artists – Ephraim

Music producer and singer, Ephraim, has spoken up about his decision to exclusively work with only serious-minded artistes in the music industry.

Speaking on the show #EfieNeFie with Doctor Prekese on Onua FM, Ephraim shared why he had chosen this line of action as well as his perspective on the evolving dynamics of the music business.

According to the ‘Kelewele’ singer, he has not stopped producing music but has shifted his focus to working with individuals who truly understand and value the music business.

“I haven’t stopped producing, I am still working for people. I am still working for the few people that understand the music business,” he pointed out.

In the past, he revealed that he worked passionately and selflessly, hoping that if a song became a hit, everyone involved would share in the success but this was not the case as he had experienced a sense of neglect and abandonment from artistes over the years.

“Back in the day, we were doing it for the passion and the love of it. For example, we would create the music with the hopes that if it’s finally a hit, we’ll all enjoy but it got to a time when it was a hit then people just neglected us and they all left with me,” he indicated.

He further stated, “But now if you agree to sign an agreement then we’re good to go. I don’t have to chase you for anything. The system will work and I’ll receive my percentage from the royalties and streams. I work with serious-minded people”

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Ephraim’s decision to work exclusively with serious-minded artists also stemmed from his past experiences with his cousin, Stonebwoy.

The music producer claimed that he produced multiple songs on Stonebwoy’s first album, Grade 1 in 2012 without compensation or gratitude.

After Stonebwoy’s rise to fame, Ephraim said he felt overlooked and unappreciated, this has also served as a catalyst for his shift in focus towards more professional collaborations.

source: 3news

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