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GPRTU urges drivers to exercise restraint amid lorry fare increase controversy

GPRTU urges drivers to exercise restraint amid lorry fare increase controversy

The Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Abbas Ibrahim Moro, has addressed concerns regarding the recent surge in lorry fares across the country and shed light on the efforts made by GPRTU leadership to mitigate the situation.

He has also emphasized the need for cooperation among drivers.

Speaking in an interview on Sunrise on 3FM, April 15, Moro began by acknowledging reports of individual drivers unilaterally raising lorry fares, some by as much as 20% or more. In response to this, GPRTU leadership issued a communique on the 11th April 2024, urging all drivers to refrain from such actions and wait for the outcome of ongoing negotiations with the Transport Ministry. Despite these efforts, the situation escalated beyond expectations, prompting Moro and his colleagues to continue urging patience and restraint among drivers.

He expressed his appreciation for the majority of drivers who adhered to the directives from GPRTU leadership and the subsequent communication from the Transport Ministry. “As I speak now, we’ve not heard any bad news anywhere,” Moro stated, indicating that the situation seemed to have stabilized for the time being.

Reflecting on the diversity of perspectives within the transport industry, Moro emphasized the role of leadership in guiding drivers’ actions.

“In every institution, we have different characters, every human institution we have positive thinkers and we have negative thinkers,” he remarked. He underscored the GPRTU’s commitment to ensuring that fare adjustments are made responsibly and in consultation with relevant authorities.


He also highlighted the mutual respect between transport operators and passengers, noting that despite the challenges, drivers have historically treated passengers fairly. He expressed surprise at the lack of recognition for drivers’ efforts from the passenger community, urging for understanding and solidarity during these challenging times.

“I’ve never heard any passenger who has joined one of your programs to say let us pray for drivers or operators in this country,” Moro lamented. “At times the passengers themselves are aware we have to increase the lorry fare, but we are still marking time with it, we’ve been treating them fairly all these years”, he asserted.

Moro reiterated GPRTU’s commitment to resolving the fare increase controversy through meetings with the transport ministry. He emphasized the importance of responsible leadership and urged drivers to refrain from actions that could undermine public trust in the transport sector.

As negotiations with the Transport Ministry continue, GPRTU remains dedicated to finding a sustainable solution that benefits both drivers and passengers alike.

By Joselyn Kafui Nyadzi

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