Giorgio Chiellini has officially retired from football

Giorgio Chiellini has officially retired from football

Football has been brought fantastic defenders of which this iconic defender is among one of them. If not the best in the world of football, we can classify him as one of the iconic defenders of 21st century.

Today reminds us the year 2015 champions league final against Barcelona where the world begins to accept him as wonderful player in the game. Many people who love the game won’t to be surprised hearing praises from other about this man.

He is from Italy of which has been able to gain incredible career of which a lot of people are proud about. It’s not easy to take this decision as a professional footballer. But it’s always possible to see it happening of which you have to adapt to the situation. That is a lovely sports of which is enjoyed everyday. Immediately you retire all these seize to come your ways of which is sad. Indeed a very sad moment.

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