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Fixthecountry convenor, Oliver Baker-Vormawor quits movement

Fixthecountry convenor, Oliver Baker-Vormawor quits movement

Leader and convenor of the fixthecountry and OccupytheJulorbiHouse protests, Oliver Baker-Vormawor, has resigns from his role in the movements. Mr. Vormawor announced his resignation from the movement on his twitter page on Friday.

According to Mr. Vormawor, he has been subjected to misery in the country ever since he became involved in these protests. He continued by highlighting a number of issues he had encountered since the protests.

Oliver Barker Vormawor portrait
Oliver Barker Vormawor portrait

He mentioned that he has had his passport seized, has been on trials, jailed for a number of occasions, and has lost jobs including a teaching role. He also stated that he has been separated from his family and has made loses financially all for the good of protesting for a better Ghana.

Mr. Vormawor also hoped that the fixthecountry movement be reformed with new leadership and members who would have a sense of urgency in fighting for the good of the country.

Mr. Vormawor had been a major influence in peaceful protests and youth mobilization for the past couple of years in the country.

Link to tweet here:

Read full statement below:

“For the past three years, I have given so much of my life and time to mobilize and support the efforts of FixTheCountry and now #OccupyJulorbiHouse movements.

Within that period, I have had my passport seized; a travel ban placed on me; a treason trial; 5 arrests; jail time spent on three separate occasions. My PhD programme at Cambridge has been on hold. I was relieved of an adjunct teaching role. I don’t want to talk about cyber bullying; the surveillance of my home and communication devices. I have been separated from family; spent my life savings to support the movement financially and logistically.

I believe that I have served my country all too well.

Now I think it is time for others to step unto the plate and carry the people’s movement forward. FixTheCountry needs new faces; new people and new energy. This is the time we usher in a proper transition, for the movement to renew itself. My hope immediately is that FixTheCountry will be soon organized by a new group of people unconnected to us.

This has to be the beginning of a transition phase. The dream is for a new politics. Where empathy leads and social justice is routine must endure. Shalom!”

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