Fire ravages slum in North Kaneshie

Fire ravages slum in North Kaneshie

A fire outbreak has destroyed structures and properties in a slum in North Kaneshie. The Incident occurred on Monday, October 23, 2023 in the morning.


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According to witnesses the fire started around 8am which destroyed a number of wooden structures and all items located in the slum.

Victims of the fire incident could not tell what caused the outbreak. The Ghana National Fire Service were contacted by neighbours who saw the situation. Other people from the Neighbourhood also attempted to put off the fire until the Firemen arrived to quench it.

According to the Fire Service, the institution is currently underequipped and therefore it is very difficult to carry out their duties. The Ghana National Fire Service have pleaded with the government to quicken the supply of new fire tenders and equipment as the festive season approaches.

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