EL-LYZ Kickstarts 2024 with powerful new single, “What God cannot do does not exist”

EL-LYZ Kickstarts 2024 with powerful new single, “What God cannot do does not exist"

Gospel singer, EL-LYZ, has released her second single of 2024 titled, “What God cannot do does not exist”. The single has been accompanied by some dazzling visuals, showing the level of artistry EL- LYZ hopes to reach in 2024.

“What God cannot do does not exist” is a traditional gospel music.  The song is heavily influenced by the vintage Nigerian traditional gospel music with its minimal instrumentation. The lyrics of the chorus, “…He answers in diverse ways, He will surely answer…,” admonishes Christians to be patient and wait on the lord as it is written in the Bible. The song also inspires hope and faith in the lord with soothing vocals which uplift the soul.

The song is a testament to EL-LYZ’s commitment to giving inspiration to audiences and spreading the “Good News” of the Lord as a Minister of God. In spite of her devotion to propagating the gospel, her work as an artist cannot be overlooked. Her dedication to composing wonderful music is conspicuous, leaving her listeners both inspired and entertained.

Listen here:

You can listen to her latest single and discover her amazing discography on all Streaming Platforms including YouTube and Spotify.


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