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Court orders man who slept with ‘mad woman’ to marry her or be jailed for 10 years

Court orders man who slept with ‘mad woman’ to marry her or be jailed for 10 years

A man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for having s.ex with a mentally retarded woman for four years.

The culprit identified as Edwin Sakala was detained in March 2019 after Masala locals disclosed he had sex with a woman who was mentally ill.

Witnesses claim that the 29-year-old man used to drag the woman into his flat every night so they could have sex before bringing her out early the following morning.

A source said to Zambian eagle; “the man has been dragging her into his apartment late at night and bringing her out early mornings.”

After his neighbours started keeping a tighter eye on his movements, he ultimately met his waterloo when they caught him in the act.

A judge found Sakala guilty and gave him a prison term after the Masala police filed charges against him and the case dragged on for four years. The man had the option to marry the mentally challenged lady, though.

In other news, in a video posted online, a woman whose legs are alleged to have turned into cow legs is shown receiving treatment from a native doctor.

According to the internet user who submitted the video online, the woman had slept with a married guy, which is why her legs had turned into those of an animal
In the footage, a lady is seen sitting on the floor with her legs crossed as a traditionalist chants incantations over her.

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The so-called legs which have turned into that of a cow were visible in the video shared.

Meanwhile, a lot of netizens have disputed the authenticity of the charade the woman and the priestess put up.

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