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China condemns injustice against Palestinians

China condemns injustice against Palestinians

Foreign minister Wang Yi has said that China will continue to stand on the side of international law, peace and and justice. Condemning all acts of violence against civilians in Israel war with Hamas. The unprecedented Milligan raid ove 1400 lives in Israel and promoted it to declare war. Hundreds of Palestinians are now dying the everyday on retaliatory strikes on Gaza.

China condemns all acts that harm civilians and opposes on any violation of international law. Israel has the right to statehood, so does  Palestine Wang Yi stated. The Israelis have obtained the safeguard for survival but who will care about the survival of Palestinians? The Jewish nation is no longer homeless in the world. But  when will the Palestinian nation return to it home.

There is no shortage of injustice in the world. But the injustice to Palestine has dragged on for over half a century. Israel has been presenting itself as the best and most efficient  defender of American and wider Western interests in the middle East. Against threats from Iran and other countries. Recently, the Israelis has been working normalize it’s relations with Arab powers. Promising to help them protect themselves from the aggression of their regional rivals.

These recent incursion has had a profound impact on Israel’s self image and standing in the international arena. As a Palestinians who has grown up within the confines of refugee’s camp in the Gaza strip. I believe we are now at a turning point in our struggle .

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