Ama Governor’s application to the bar turned down again

Ama Governor’s application to the bar turned down again

In a turn of events, social media sensation, Ama Governor’s application to be called to the bar has been declined by the General Legal Council of Ghana. The news came as a result of a leaked letter that was circulated on Social media on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

According to the leaked letter, her application was declined due to her public conduct though she was permitted to apply earlier in 2023.

This will be the second year in a row the YouTube and TikTok sensation will be denied an opportunity to be called to the bar.

Ama Governor was first refused a call to the bar in 2022, when a petition was sent to the General Legal Council to suspend her call to the bar by an anonymous person who was believed to have been one of her mates in law school. The petition highlighted Ama Governor’s ties to the LGBTQ+ as well as her alleged inappropriate conduct on her social media platforms.

However, the socialite seemed to have gotten her hopes up when her counter petition was accepted by the Bar for review and assessment siting that some of the allegations were false while the others held no weight to deny her a call to the bar. She revealed this following an interview during the #OccupytheJulorbiHouse protest in September 2023.

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An unfortunate turn of events occurred when it was later revealed to her in October that two top private law firms had rejected her even after a successful interview session.

Her misfortunes could not have been greater with the leaked news of the decline of her application by the General Legal Council. The question still remains “Will she ever be called to the Bar?”



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