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Alan Kyerematen’s North- East Agent beaten at Npp super delegates Conference

Alan Kyerematen’s Agent Ali Zakaria beaten up in a protest over super delegates conference

Ali Zakaria receives beaten, nearly lost his eye at Npp Conference 

Serious intensity and heated argument rose at the National Patriotic Party’s(NPP) Super Delegates Conference as an unsettling incident unfolded, drawing attention to matters arising within the party.

It is alleged that the polling agent representing candidate Alan Kyerematen was attacked, resulting in an injury to the agent’s eye. As now, the party leadership has not issued an official statement addressing the incident.

Zak is reported to have vehemently protested after some delegates who voted in the home region of Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia showed their ballot and who they voted for.

His protest was deemed unacceptable by some of the delegates present, and he was subsequently attacked. Zak had a deep cut on his forehead while one of his eyelids had swollen and covered the eye. After being chased out of the election venue, Zak was helped to the hospital by those who sympathised with him.

According to eyewitness accounts, the incident occurred in the vicinity of the conference venue and appears to be related to the intense competition among the candidates.

The polling agent, who was present to oversee the voting process on behalf of Alan Kyerematen, reportedly sustained an injury to the eye during the altercation.

The circumstances surrounding the attack remain unclear, and speculation about the motivations behind the incident is rife.

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The absence of an official response from the party leadership has left many in the party and the public concerned about the implications of such an event on the conference proceedings and the overall image of the NPP.

According to the the Alan team, the agent protested the showing of ballots which was completely illegal according to the rules of the elections at the ongoing NPP Super Delegates Conference.

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