Afro Nation cancels December festival in Nigeria

Afro Nation cancels December festival in Nigeria


Organizers of one of the biggest Afrobeats festivals in the globe, Afro Nation has announced the cancellation of the 2023 festival which was set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria on December 2023. The news comes following a press statement released by Afro Nation on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

The organizers attributed the cancellation of the event to the difficulties faced in reaching event standards. The communique reads;

“Unfortunately, the Afro Nation Nigeria Festival in Lagos will now not be taking place. As event organizers, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards and it has become clear to us that it is currently not possible to deliver a show that is of the quality that Nigeria deserves in December 2023.”

The event organizers assured ticket buyers that they would refund their money to them.

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20231031 171427

They also reassured their audiences in Nigeria that Afro Nation will remain committed to bringing the experience to Lagos, Nigeria.

This news came as a disappointment to some as they had anticipated the festival for months. Some were disappointed because one of the biggest festivals in Afrobeats is yet to held in the country with the most successful Afrobeats musicians which is Nigeria.

Others claimed they had anticipated the cancellation of events due to the harsh economic climate and cost of living which has plagued Nigeria especially its capital, Lagos for some time now.

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The festival had also been held in other countries including Ghana, Portugal, United States, and Puerto Rico, however, it ironically failed to occur in Nigeria which has the biggest Afrobeats market currently in Africa.

The organizers had recently helped in launching Afrobeats Chart in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) which has since been dominated by Nigerian


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