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Actor Frank Artus descends on critics calling his wife old and ugly

Actor Frank Artus descends on critics calling his wife old and ugly

Liberian actor, Frank Artus has come to the defense of his wife, Pima Cooper Frank after sections of fans trolled her for looking too ‘old’ and ‘ugly’

The 43-year-old actor took to social media to vent his spleen on the horrible commentary over the physical features of his wife and the mother of his children.

“Leave my wife’s name out of your mouths,” warned the actor against his trolls. “I married a WOMAN in whom I am well pleased with.

Supporting his statement in the comments section, his colleague actress, Queen Nwokoye wrote, “If you meet this woman physically,you will fall in love with her. So beautiful,so down to earth,so honest. Or is the chemistry she has with her husband?Keeping a handsome man be like Artus for solid 20yrs and giving him one the most beautiful children ever is something most of these pancake rubbing and filter loving children can only imagine in their clout chasing brains. Happy anniversary my people.”

Artus and Prima who have been married for the past 20 years have enjoyed marital bliss and fortune with the actor referring to her as his 3-in-1; mother, best friend, and wife.

The union is blessed with 3 wonderful children.

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